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About Wendy

A cultural and culinary historian with a PhD in French literature and art history from Princeton University

Wendy was born in the USA and moved to France as a teenager, sparking a life-long passion for all things French. In 2011 she settled in Wellington, NZ, where she teaches courses on French culture for Victoria University Continuing Education (including an upcoming series May 2019 on La Belle Epoque in Paris and leads culinary, art-themed tours to France.

Wendy is also a professional chef and runs innovative cooking classes, including a series based on the recipes of the Impressionist painters. In 2017 she created a Monet-themed gastronomic dinner at Hippopotamus restaurant for Wellington on a Plate; in 2018 she ran a Belle Epoque-themed 6-course feast with Sofitel, Wellington, with a live concert of cabaret and opera music.

Wendy currently manages Crave Cooking School in Lyall Bay.

Listen to Wendy's interview on National Radio:

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