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Hello and welcome to Savour!

Savour began as Wellington-based Meetup group to bring like-minded foodies together over cooking workshops, wine tastings, culinary travel and more.

I started Savour shortly after moving to New Zealand in 2011 and was thrilled to discover a tribe of locals who share my passion for foodie adventures.

Savour has now grown and offers regular cooking classes, food tours to France, and curated feasts where dinner guests learn the stories and history behind their meal. We’ve collaborated with Hippopatamus restaurant at the Museum (now QT) Hotel on a “Dine with Monet” Wellington-on-a-plate event where the chefs recreated recipes from Claude Monet’s life in Giverny; more recently, Sofitel joined Savour to bring to life the era of the Parisian Belle Epoque with an evening of fine dining, cabaret music and culinary history.  

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About Wendy

My love of food began like most: in childhood. My parents, both Americans, thought it would be adventurous to move the family to a new place (sometimes country) every three years. From tropical Puerto Rico where my mom drove us into the jungle to buy bananas from her local friend, to Canada where we devoured homemade onion soup after ice skating on the frozen lake near our house, I learned that some foods taste better in certain conditions. And how we ate changed with the seasons. My parents were and still are avid gardeners with a huge vegee patch. This meant fresh rhubarb pies, new potatoes dug right before dinner and served boiled with butter and parsley, vine-ripened tomatoes that smelled as good as they tasted. We picked and preserved the berries and cherries that didn’t make it into my mother’s delicious (and frequent!) desserts. When my parents finally settled in Pennsylvania, our Persian neighbours became close friends and their family feasts ignited a life-long passion within me for Persian and Middle Eastern food, tables laden with colourful, fragrant dishes to share.

When I moved to France as a teenager, I felt an immediate affinity for the people, the culture, the language—and crucially, the food. Although I went on to earn a PhD in French literature and art history, the path that led me there began with a desire to explore every corner of France, its colourful markets, delicious (and reasonable) truck-stop brasseries, Michelin-starred restaurants.

So it’s no surprise that, shortly after arriving in New Zealand, I trained as a chef. After working at some top restaurants in Wellington, I began running cooking classes around the capitol and creating French-themed events for Wellington on Plate.

In 2018 I took over managing Crave Cooking School in Lyall Bay where I've had to privilege to work with some of the best chefs in town and run workshops on fermentation, wild food and foraging, sourdough making, and more!

Listen to Wendy's interview on National Radio:

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