Wellington Cooking Classes & Feasts

Savour Cooking School offers cooking classes and feasts where guests learn hands-on skills, some with a side of culinary history. Most of our classes end with a shared meal at the end where you can savour the fruits of your cooking with new friends.

About Savour

Established in 2015, Savour began as a Meetup group bringing together a community of food-curious locals over small-group cooking classes, tastings and themed group dinners. Word spread and soon we were offering regular workshops with talented guest chefs and experts from around New Zealand on topics ranging from fermentation and sourdough, foraging and wild food, plant-based cooking, and mindful chocolate tasting (yes it's a thing!). 

We offer hands-on cooking workshops on a variety of international cuisines: Italian, Persian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, French, as well as more technique-based classes on knife skills, cheese making, and more. 

As its founder, I'm a firm believer that the food we choose to eat directly impacts our physical and emotional well-being. What—and also how—we eat has the power to nourish and heal us as individuals. And when we share food with integrity, sourced locally and organically, and prepared with love, we also strengthen our communities and help support a healthier planet.

At Savour, we grow as many of the vegetables and herbs for our classes as possible in our organic garden right here in Wellington. All our vegees are picked right before each cooking class, assuring absolute freshness. We're also big fans of fermenting and using stuff up. In our classes we serve our unique housemade caffeine-free fruit and flower-based kombuchas (flavours you don't usually see elsewhere: lemon verbena, hibiscus, rose, tulsi and ginger, cacao..). Offering no-alcohol or low-alcohol drink options that are tasty, sophisticated and interesting is an area we're keen to continue to develop.

As Savour's founder, it warms my heart when I can welcome you to one of our cooking classes. When that's not possible, I'm committed to creating at the very least a virtual community through my Instagram and FB posts where I share recipes, nutritional advice, pictures of our garden and delicious food. I also send out a monthly newsletter where I share what's going on at the cooking school and resources that I'm finding helpful to boost overall health and well-being. I hope you'll sign up and look forward to seeing you in a class soon.

In good health,

To find out more and to sign up to the Savour Cooking School newsletter for recipes and updates, contact me here.

"Wendy’s cooking classes are a heady mix of non- threatening, fun recipes using easily accessible fresh ingredients, delightfully grounded, friendly professional chefs as presenters and sprinkled with little nuggets of fascinating culinary facts and useful tips which you can take away for use in your own at home cooking. All this in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere culminating in a shared meal with other like- minded souls and accompanied by a glass of something chilled and delicious. Bon Appetit! Warning: These classes can be addictive!"

– Louise


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