Persian Feast: Food of Iran - 21 March 2020



Date: 21 March 2020
Time: 10am-12:45pm

Location: Crave Cooking School, 147 Onepu Road, Lyall Bay, Wellington

Join us to celebrate Naw-Rúz or Persian New Year southern hemisphere style! Naw-Rúz literally means 'new day' and coincides with the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, on the day when the length of hours of darkness and light is exactly equal, which is normally some time between 20-22 March each year.

Persian food has a lot of herbs and spices, and is very aromatic. During Naw-Rúz, Persians assemble a tray laden with seven symbolic foods that begin with S in Farsi; typically including things such as sprouted lentils, which symbolise rebirth; garlic, for health; and sumac, which represents sunrise. We will make a number of traditional dishes of Tehran including a rice dish, and a spinach and yoghurt dish that originates from the 7th century. We'll also enjoy a special noodle soup made especially for Persian new year. In Iran, it is customary to eat noodles before embarking on something new. The noodles symbolise the choice of paths among the many that life offers us. Noodles are also bearers of good fortune in Iran. 

For dessert, we will make yakh dar behesht, which roughly translates as "ice in heaven". It's a chilled custard with rosewater, cardamom and crushed pistachios. Absolutely delicious!

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