Cooking with the Impressionists: Paul Gauguin * 24 October, 2020



Date: 24 October 2020
Time: 10am-12:45pm
Location: Crave Cooking School, 147 Onepu Road, Lyall Bay, Wellington

Paul Gauguin remains one of the most influential artists of all time, and his paintings from Tahiti are perhaps his most beloved. In 1890, he made the voyage to Tahiti where he found a tropical paradise where he could “live on fish and fruit.” In the artist’s journals, we find
references to the island foods he ate while painting his Tahitian
masterpieces. Fish appears repeatedly, and Gauguin would sometimes
accompany natives on their fishing expeditions. The traditional Tahitian
fish dish, E’ia Ota (Tahitian name) or Poisson Cru (French name), is
the sort of fare Gauguin might have eaten while living and painting on
the islands. Fish was always in abundance, as were coconuts and fresh
vegetables. For dessert, we’ll make a vanilla crème brûlée celebrating the vanilla prized in Tahiti.

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