28 Feb | Fermentation For Beginners




Fermentation for Beginners

Where: Vogelmorn Bowling Club Cafe, 93 Mornington Road, Brooklyn, Wellington 6023

When: February 28, 2021, 3pm-5pm

* PLEASE BRING A LARGE 1 litre JAR WITH A HINGED LID FOR YOUR SCOBY and a smaller lidded jar for your Kimchi

Have you ever thought of making fermented foods from scratch but have no idea where to start? Fermentation is one of the oldest ways of preserving; it’s surprisingly simple and easy to get started. And eating fermented foods is great for overall health and well-being!

Join us for a delicious workshop learning the basics of fermenting. We’ll make a simple kimchi and your own kombucha infused with your flavour of preference. You’ll also taste and learn how to make water kefir and Jun, two other delicious fermented beverages.  We will touch on why fermented foods are important for gut health and learn how the gut plays a role in everything from regulating our immune system and weight, to influencing our moods.

In this workshop you will learn how to make:

       * Fermented Vegetables: Korean kimchi

        * Kombucha  (including caffeine-free rose and hibiscus kombucha which is what we serve complimentary in some of our cooking classes)

       *  Water Kefir & Jun


You will leave this workshop with:

* your own Kombucha starter culture and first brew

* recipes and instructions so you are ready and confident to do your second brew at home

* your own jar of kimchi

* a new appreciation for the role that probiotic foods and drinks can play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Please bring a 500ml jar with a lid for the kimchi and a hinged 1litre jar for kombucha 

Your tutor, Dr. Wendy Nolan Joyce, started making kombucha when a friend gave her a pet SCOBY and she discovered how delicious, easy and inexpensive it is to make at home. Now she loves kombucha so much that she takes her scobies on road trips when she has to go out of town! Wendy makes water kefir and kombucha to serve at her cooking workshops as a non-alcoholic beverage option, and also makes kimchi from vegetables harvested from her
Wellington-home organic vegee patch. She organised a fermentation workshop in 2018 with Jo Kempton of Happy Belly Ferments. She has also co-taught popular sourdough classes with Kearin of the Wellington Bakehouse.

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