11 December | Mozzarella & Burrata with Alexis Murti-TWO SPOTS NOW AVAILABLE




Date: 11 December 2021 

Time: 10:30am-1:30pm


This practical, ‘hands-in’ workshop will guide you through the cheese making process from start to finish. You will learn to make your own Burrata to take home and impress your friends and family! Burrata is actually a delicious creamy filled Mozzarella which means you will be learning how to make two cheeses.

The key to good cheese making is knowing how the cheese should look and, most importantly, how it should feel at different points in its creation. Your guide is an experienced cheese maker and tutor who is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and offers excellent instructions.

This class includes:

*  all ingredients plus hands-on tuition. 

* you will make your own Burrata, 

* you will learn how to make Mozzarella 

* full set of course notes, including recipes and instructions to take home

* samples of some of Alexis' other cheeses to try during the class
cheeses to delight in during the course of the workshop?!

About your cheese maker/tutor 'The Curious Cook':

In early 2010 I came along to one of Mindi Clews (a New Zealand Cheese Master), cheese making workshops to learn how to make Brie.  The workshop was gift and was the next step in my journey to learn as much about self sufficiency as I could.  After completing this course there was no turning back for me!

I made the move to rural Otaki to nurture my two boys and live as sustainably as I could and over a period of ten years, learnt a lot about how to grow, produce and make my own food.  I enjoy that there is greater opportunity on the Kapiti Coast to obtain food and other local produce directly from the source which often means it is fresher and in turn helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

While I am not so rural anymore, I still have chickens and an evolving vege / herb patch. I'd also like to add bees in to the mix so watch this space... I regularly make batches of brie, halloumi, feta and mozzarella with fresh (and sometimes store bought) milk. My latest passion is cold smoking my homemade cheeses which my friends, whanau and workshop students often benefit from! 

Teaching others how to make cheese seemed a natural progression for me; I know what it means to me to be able to provide my whanau with wholesome produce and I want to make it easier for you to do the same. -Alexis Murti

Read more about Alexis here: http://www.curiouscook.co.nz/

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