29 September 2021 | Cooking with Kimchi with Inma Fuentes of Best Kept Health




When: 29 Sept 2021

Time: 6:30pm-8:30 PM

Where: Food Envy, 25 Tennyson St, Te Aro, Wellington

In this class, you will be greeted with a cup of hot and nourishing kimchi and tofu stew that you can enjoy whilst you settle into the class and hear all about the health benefits of eating kimchi and other fermented foods.

After the intro, we will go straight to the best bit... getting our hands messy. We will be making Kimchi Mandu, a Korean Kimchi dumpling that’s absolutely delicious filled with pork, tofu, spring onions and other fantastic flavours. Inma will also demo how to make a few of the most popular kimchi condiments, one of which will be used to dress a side salad that we will be eating at the end of the class together with the main event - Kimchi fried rice. Who doesn’t like it, right? This dish will accompany the dumplings, salad and condiments in what will be a truly special kimchi fest all around.

This class will be extremely popular, we highly recommend that you book your spot early so you don’t miss out!


Kimchi is one of Inma’s specialties. It’s one of the first things she learned to ferment 7 years ago and one that she loves to make and eat. Born in Spain, bred in London and now living in New Zealand, Inma is a Nutrition and Health Coach, a passionate fermenter and a self-taught cook. She’s deeply connected to her practice and always tries to include fermented elements in her dishes to elevate her cooking and give it that extra something. 

She’s been teaching fermentation in Wellington for over a year now and if you’ve ever been to one of her classes, you would know that they are always packed full of useful information, tips, laughs and bloody good food! Her passion and knowledge about food and health make the whole experience a multidimensional treat not to be missed!

See what Inma gets up to @bestkepthealth


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