4 June 2023 | Cooking with the Impressionists: Paul-Auguste Renoir at home




Date: 4 June 2023

Time: 3:00pm-6:00pm 

Location: Savour headquarters aka Wendy's home and garden, 94 Oban St., Wadestown, Wellington

Today we’ll gather by the open fire at art historian and chef Dr. Wendy Joyce's home to learn more about Renoir's life, art and food in Paris. After a presentation lasting about an hour, we'll recreate Renoir’s pot-au-feu, followed by delicious warm chocolate tarts. Due to the long cooking time of the pot-au-feu, some elements will be prepped before your arrival.

After the cooking, sit down and enjoy dinner together with some fresh sourdough and salad made with organic greens from the garden.

Renoir, one of the rare Impressionists with working class origins, stayed true to his roots by serving rustic, family-style dishes for friends and family visiting his home in Montmartre, Paris. His home was open for dinner every weekend when friends would share a pot-au-feu which was cooked on a charcoal-burning stove. Desserts were inspired by Renoir’s friend and pastry chef, Murer, whose patisserie on Boulevard Voltaire Renoir had decorated. 

Due to space limitations, this workshop is limited to 7 participants.

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