28 May 2023 | Wellness Bowls: Vegetarian (vegan option)



Date: 28 May 2023

Time: 11am-2pm 

Location: Kitchen Things, 1 Glover St., Ngauranga, Wellington 6035

Wellness or 'bliss' bowls are quick, healthy, vibrant meals built around fresh vegetables, herbs, a wholegrain, some protein, and whatever dressing you fancy. The variations are endless! The best part about these bowls is that each person in your family can choose from the components and build their own bowl, and all of the components can be made in advance and stored for later use, hence saving you time and stress. And they are absolutely delicious!

The workshop begins with a half-hour talk about nutrition and guidelines on how to build a nutritionally-rich, flavour-packed, plant-based meal in a bowl. We will offer a few dairy and egg options as toppings but this class is primarily plant-based (please indicate any dietaries when you book). We'll teach you how:

1. to prepare raw and cooked vegetables grown in our Wellington organic garden. We will talk through chopping techniques and discuss how important texture is and how you can play around with the shape and size of your raw vegetables to alter the texture

2. to use edible flowers and fresh herbs to add pizzazz (and which complementary herbs go well with particular vegetables)

3. to make delicious, easy salad dressings to go on your bowl and how to store them

4. to create grain and protein pairings to increase digestibility and your body's ability to absorb the nutrients.

We'll also discuss the importance of prep to save you time at mealtimes and ways to create your own home 'salad bar' with on-hand pre-chopped ingredients in your fridge to use to build your bowls. Finally, we'll incorporate interesting flavours and crucial nutrients with the use of some condiments (think soy eggs, fermented mushrooms, dried or fresh seaweeds).




Fermented shitake mushroom

Cucumber Chilli Pickle (quick)

Chilli or wasabi mayo

Soy egg




Classic Poke*

Maple miso

Flavours of Asia dressing*

Classic French vinaigrette with Dijon

Soy ginger


Pearl barley

Brown rice

Red rice and black rice



Soba noodles*

Beans and pulses

Chickpeas (from a tin, for ease)

Broad bean and pea balls*

Spicy fried Edamame

Cannellini beans (from a tin, for ease)

Lentils (make up a big batch and freeze portions)*


Red cabbage, sliced and/or pickled in some apple cider vinegar

Spiralised raw carrot or zucchini/courgette, beetroot

Teriyaki roasted cauliflower

Charred broccoli

Raw onion: red and spring onion

Salad leaves: kale, spinach, rocket, spoon mustard, beetroot leaves

Radish (pickle it with 4 T rice vinegar, 2 tsp sugar, ½ t salt and 4 radishes, sliced)

*Roasted veg (leftover pumpkin, beetroot, potato, carrot, whatever is on hand)


Crunchy nuts and seeds

Macadamia coconut crunch

Avocado and heirloom tomatoes from our organic garden

Pickled ginger

Seaweed sprinkles aka dulse flakes

Edible flowers from garden



Sesame seeds: black and white


Herbs: parsley, coriander, basil, chervil, mint from the garden

Goat or sheep feta (housemade)


*items with * are suggested for you to include at home, and won’t be made today)

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