22 September 2024 | Persian: Food of Iran




Date: 22 September 2024

Time: 12-3 pm

Location: Kitchen Things, 1 Glover St., Nguaranga Wellington

Join us for a hands-on feast-style VEGETARIAN cooking class celebrating the food of Iran. We will make a number of traditional dishes of Tehran that have a rich and colourful history, fresh flavours and vibrant colours. 

Your chef (and founder of Savour Cooking School), Wendy, grew up next door to an Iranian family who became lifelong family friends. The Etezadys gave Wendy her first cookbook, New Food of Life (a great Persian cookbook she still has and will bring along) and hosted an annual Christmas party (among many other amazing feasts!) where all the Iranian expat relatives would bring along a dish they'd made. You'll learn that Persian food takes a lot of prep and love to prepare but it's worth it!

Wendy will also bring along some short poetry by Rumi and Hafez for the literary-minded cooks among you.


Rose and pomegranate kombucha (housemade)

Feta, walnut and radish

Kuku Sabzi (Herb Frittata)

KHORESH BADEMJAN (eggplant, split pea and pomegranate stew)

Dal Adas lentils

Chelow (Saffron steamed rice)  

Yogurt and Spinach Dip

Salad-e Shirazi (Persian Cucumber, Tomato & Onion Salad) with heirloom tomatoes from our organic local garden

Pita Bread

Persian Love Cake 

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