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The best cooking schools and classes in New Zealand – NZ Herald

Based in both Brooklyn and Lyall Bay, Wellington's Savour offers arguably the country's most diverse culinary experiences. Egyptian, Persian, French and Chinese food are all covered in individual classes, while specialist knife skills and the increasingly popular trend of foraging and wild food are also options. Expeditions in the bush around Lyall Bay are led by Mike King of Finders Eater Foraging. Foraged ingredients are then harnessed for dishes prepared by Max Gordy, head chef at the popular...

June 22, 2021

Forage for your dinner

Discover and learn more about Aotearoa's incredible native ingredients with local professional forager Mike King on a special Foraging Workshop at Savour Cooking School. With his vast encyclopaedic knowledge of local flora, Mike will be able to show you what's tasty and what to stay away from. Once you're back at Savour, acclaimed chef Max Gordy from award-winning restaurant Hillside Kitchen will show you how to turn your freshly foraged ingredients into an incredible meal - which...

February 23, 2021

Interview with

Wendy Joyce is a chef and former uni lecturer who also happens to have a PhD in 19th-century French Studies. We talked to her about her cooking school, Savour, and how it came to be....

September 15, 2020

Interview with

By Janan Jedrzejewski ...

June 6, 2018

Listen to Wendy's interview on National Radio


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